Analog Input Box (AIB)
The standard ActiveTwo AD-box measures signals from electrodes or other sensors connected to the subject. But in some measurements setup, one also needs to measure additional analog signals from sources that needs to be kept isolated from the subject (for example because the sources are mains powered equipment). For these applications, BioSemi offers a sophisticated solution in the form of an extra Analog Input Box (AIB).
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The subject AD-box and the AIB are daisy chained by optical fibers: a fiber-optic data link goes from the subject AD-box to the AIB, and a second optical fiber goes from the AIB to the receiver which is located in the PC. The AIB adjusts its sample rate to the signal received from the subject AD-box, so the sample rates of both boxes are synchronized. The subject AD-box acquires up to 256 channels from electrodes and other sensors, the AIB adds up to 32 channels to the data stream, and the total of 288 channels is processed by the PC. This setup allows all the 288 channels (from different sources) to be handled by one integrated software program, and to be stored in a single BDF file. Standard, the AIB is equipped with 8 channels (4 differential).
Here you can find the pin connection layout of the 37 pin Sub-D connector on the front of the AIB.
AD-box fiber coupled with AIB
Universal high impedance inputs with static protection.
Powered by mains or by battery.
Input range: +/-1Volt.
ADC per channel offers synchronized sampling, no skew.
24 bit sampling, with guaranteed no missing codes.
Sigma-Delta converter technology for unsurpassed linearity and dynamic range.
2 kHz sample-rate per channel fully synchronised with subject AD-box.
Full DC operation, with input range as large as found in AC designs.
Fiber optic link offers optimal interference rejection and subject safety.