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Video/footage featuring BioSemi hardware:
ActiveTwo EEG Training "EEG Setup and Preparation"
ActiveTwo EEG Training at the UCD Dublin psychology.
How to run ActiView on macOS
Video perfectly explaining the timing of Presentation - Triggers - Photocel.
Brain-controlled drone shown off - BBC News
BioSemi demonstration of EMG Flex Array application.
Nissan Brain-to-Vehicle technology redefines future of driving
Somatosensory Event-related Potentials from Orofacial Skin Stretch Stimulation
Brain Computer Interface at Twente University.
BioSemi headcap with 128 electrodes monitoring meditating and mindfulness.
Documentary about the brain (Dutch television, VPRO, Tegenlicht)
TED Talk Alpha World of Warcraft.
Looking at the listening brain.
BCI game with imagined movement.
Tactile BCI Demo.
Mind the Sheep - Brain-Computer Interface.
Tactile BCI Speller.
Conversing with the brain. Brain based communication using a P3-based Brain-Computer interface and dialogging with RE-phrase.
BBC: How the brain responds to making mistakes
Training the Older Brain in 3-D
Applications of EEG Neuroimaging Data: Event-related Potentials, Spectral Power, and Multiscale Entropy

BioSemi Software running on an iPhone or iPad

How To Run ActiView EEG On Mac
BioSemi ActiveTwo system shown on RTL Germany.
One step closer to limbs powered by electrical signals from the brain.
Research into the perception of time. (Dutch, ActiveTwo starting from 20:10)
Neuromarketing: Unruly's Deep Probes: How Do You Feel About That Online Ad?
Peer reviewed publications by active electrode (ActiveTwo) users:
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