Do we need LabVIEW to be able to run the BioSemi acquisition software ?

No, our acquisition and online analysis software can always be delivered as a stand-alone executable, which can be run after installing the free LabVIEW run-time-engine on your PC. An example of an executable can be downloaded from our download site. In addition, we can develop custom-made real time analysis modules according to your specifications, or even integrate calls to subroutines provided by you into our programs, and then compile the end-result into an executable.

However, we provide the extra possibility of developing your own software based on proven acquisition module. (see faq question about LabVIEW)
So buying LabVIEW is only necessary if you actually want to view and edit the source codes; it depends entirely on how much LabVIEW development you intend to do in-house. Finally, further development can also be a joint effort: LabVIEW programmers can be rented by the hour (prices/hour for our LabVIEW programmers can be found on the prices page.)