Which software is standard delivered with the system ?
Software for research & development applications.
  Our systems are as standard delivered with acquisition software written in the LabVIEW® graphical programming language. The basic acquisition program (included in the amplifier price) display signals on screen, writes to file, replays from file, and handles network functions. Basic functions like reference selection, filtering and scaling options are provided.
  You can use this software to write the measured signals to file and perform off-line processing with dedicated analysis software of your choice. We deliver the software either as stand-alone executables (no LabVIEW required), or as Virtual Instruments complete with diagram (source code). The availability of the diagram allows the user to integrate the software with his own LabVIEW VI's. Therefore it is possible to add your own on-line analysis routines to the basic acquisition program.

The LabVIEW language is quickly earned, but it is also possible to add subroutines written in other languages like C. You can download examples of the software from our website, (BioSemi download). In addition, we can quickly adapt the software to client specification on a pay-per-hour basis.

If you intend to do a lot of additional software development yourself, we would advice the LabVIEW route. In fact, all software needed to start your own development is delivered as standard with the ActiveTwo system (Included in the system price).