What technical support does BioSemi provide ?

Because our systems are PC-based and built around standard IO-cards and Windows2000, installation is easy and generally does not present any problems for the typical PC user. If you are hesitating of doing the installation of the PCI-card, drivers and LabVIEW software yourself, we advice you to order the system complete with PC of your choice. In this case, we would do all the installation work and the end-user can merely connect the PC to the mains output, hookup the fiber between the AD-box and the receiver, connect the electrodes to the subject and switch everything on. The BioSemi technical staff is always prepared to visit your recording site in order to help you with remaining problems. However since our warranty is on return to base condition, the costs of such a visit will have to be bared by the customer.

We will provide all information you might need to modify the system, or for interfacing purposes with auxiliary equipment, although in some cases we will ask for a confidential agreement. Finally we are always available via email to answer all technical questions. An answer can always be expected with 24 hours.