Active BSM Panels Carbon electrodes
For BSPM applications, BioSemi, produces an unique version of the active electrode. In cooperation with University of Auckland, New Zealand , Dept. of Engineering Science, flexible rubber strips with integrated carbon electrodes and a preamplifier were developed. The strips interface with the ActiveTwo AD-box to form a complete BSPM system with up to 195 ECG channels with 59 spare channels for extra electrodes or auxiliary sensors. By choosing different combinations of Panel 4x8 and Panel 4x12 sets, various electrode layouts can be configured. The ActiveTwo system is the only 24-bit, true DC, 195-channel, battery-powered BSPM system available.
Application time for this electrode system is short. For example, In recordings with 12 strips (one Panel4x8 and two Panel4x12) the following times were found as typical values:
- Preparation: attach adhesive rings and fill with gel: approx. 20 minutes
- Application: stick the strips to the subject: approx. 5 minutes
- Cleaning: remove adhesive rings and clean out gel with soapy water: approx. 20 minutes
Carbon electrode disc, and carbon electrode wire ensures 100% invisibility under X-ray.
Preamplifier integrated in the end of the strip eliminates interference pickup by connection cable between strip and AD-box
Available with 8 (45 mm center distance) or 12 (30 mm center distance) electrodes on a strip
AD-box processes up to 8 strips type-12, and up to 12 strips type-8, total of 192 torso electrodes, plus 3 extremity electrodes (195 channels)
Flatcable length: 170cm
Quick application.

Panel 4x8 : Total of 32 electrodes on 1 connector

Panel 4x12 : Total of 48 electrodes on 1 connector
Left side of panel
Right side of panel (pre-amp sealed in waterproof resin)