Acquisition with ActiView.

This example shows the BioSemi acquisition program called ActiView.
ActiView is a complete acquisition program designed to display all ActiveTwo channels on screen and save all the data to (network) disk in .BDF format. The layout is designed to give the user a quick and simple check of the quality of the data.
ActiView can be used for acquisition of EEG/ECG/EMG signals, as well as for data coming from additional sensors such as the AnalogInputBox (AIB), digital triggers from the USB2 receiver and extra sensors connected to the AD-box. (Respiration, GSR, Temperature, Ergometers, Plethymograph). Several reference selections, filtering and downsampling options are provided. Our proprietary single buffered method makes the acquisition completely stable and reliable during multitasking etc. (DMA transfer to an intermediate large ring-buffer guarantees no data loss).
ActiView is a free open source program writen in LabVIEW. This makes a particularely versatile tool for the scientists who wants to edit and expand the software according to their own ideas. The latest versionm complete with source code can always be downloaded from our ActiView download page. ActiView is constantly changed and improved by incorporating suggestions and LabVIEW code examples from customers.
The basic acquisition program can be expanded with modules on client specification. Our large knowledge of LabView, enables quick and cost-effective development of these additional modules tailored to your application.

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