ActiveTwo AD-box
The ActiveTwo AD-box forms an ultra compact, low power galvanically isolated front-end (close to the subject) in which up to 256 sensor-signals are digitized with 24 bit resolution. These sensors can be Active electrodes as well as a range of additional active sensors measuring parameters like respiration, temperature, force etc. Each AD-box channel consists of a low noise DC coupled post-amplifier, with a first order anti-aliasing filter, followed by a Delta-Sigma modulator with an oversampling rate of 64, and decimation filter with a steep fifth order cascaded integrator-comb (CIC) filter response and high resolution 24-bit output. The digital outputs of all the AD converters (up to 256) are digitally multiplexed and sent to the PC via a single optical fiber without any compression or other form of data reduction.
Special input stage matched with the output of the new 2-wire Active electrodes.
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Powersupply to active electrodes has auto-shutdown for optimal safety.
ADC per channel offers synchronized sampling, no skew, zero-reference principle.
24 bit sampling, 31nV digital resolution with guaranteed no missing codes.
Sigma-Delta converter technology for unsurpassed linearity and dynamic range.
Configurable/upgradeable number of channels: 8 up to 256 channels.

Up to 16 kHz sample-rate per channel, user selectable (1.5MByte/sec total throughput).

Full DC operation, with input range as large as found in AC designs.
Battery powersupply with fiber optic link offers optimal interference rejection and subject safety.
Low power design: 5 hour battery life for 256 channels, 1 week for 8 channels.
256 channel AD-box with battery
8 channel Amplifier/Converter module
8 touchproofs for EOG,EMG, ECG.

From September 2023, the ActiveTwo is supplied with the new MK3 electrode connector.